Welcome to Gusto Italia Blog! … here’s the story

Come and flick through the articles here if you love Italian food and vacation experience.

I started this Blog as I noticed we were growing in global popularity and needed to get more information about us and the incredible Parma region out there for people to enjoy.  Moreover Parma is a great place to travel out from being midway between Venice and Cinque Terre… or Milan and Florence.

Why Parma should be so little used as a major Italian vacation destination is beyond me because it is pretty, sophisticated, classically Italian, and home to truly special food, music, fashion and the fine arts.  So here we are!… having heard dozens of my clients say how much they enjoyed Parma this blog hopefully opens the City of Love to you the Italian vacation lovers!

FWT Italian Culinary Food Tours offer you the most sensational opportunity to enter the world of culinary vacation delights, at affordable prices and flexible itineraries.  We don’t saturate you with rehearsed schpiel!  On you trip you will be able to relax and take in the amazing dedication and skills of the artisan food makers.

Enough to fill a 1,000 blogs! I welcome you to dip your toe, take a nibble and enjoy being suprised and delighted!

Nick Garrett

Let’s quote you

Parma Golosa lunch menu

Our team is waiting to serve you… enjoy!

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