Romantic stays and tours of Parma

Romantic stays and tours of Parma

Parma has it’s quota of romantic tales and history.

The Charterhouse of Parma tells the story of the young Italian nobleman Fabrice del Dongo and his adventures from his birth in 1798 to his death. Fabrice’s early years are spent in his family’s castle on Lake Como, while most of the novel is set in a fictionalized Parma (both in modern-day Italy).

The Charterhouse of Parma (The classic romantic thriller!)

You too can stay in this magical little town that remains as yet unspoilt by the ravages of mass marketing and global tourism.  It is a well kept secret that we are happy to share.


Lombardia Pzz Garibaldi

There are several truly romatic overnight destinations and we introduce 2 of the most sumptuous.

Firstly the food itself ignites the passion!

Food romance

Country Villa


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