The Best Red in the World?? From Parma… that’s official!

Award winning wine in detail For the last 2 years Emilia Romagna has won the worlds leading wine trophy with Lambrusco!

And why not!! For years the market place has been flooded with dreadful low quality varieties and only recently has the international market got to taste the real deal.

This year’s Marcello Lambrusco it outstanding.

A rich powerful colour and pour with a strong nose of berries, vanillas and slight pepper chocolates… wonderful.

A full fruity start with an wide mid pallet and super perpermint dry finish!

Perfect for the nutty twists, buttery food flavours of Parma.

Marcello – Lambrusco, NV
Produced by: Ariola Vigne E Vini Srl
From: Emilia Romagna, Italy
Made with: Lambrusco Maestri
Our judges said
Deep in colour with a fresh, red berry fruit nose. Candy floss and ripe fruit on the palate with simple yet fresh fruit. Sweetness on the finish is well-balanced with the fresh acidity.
Available at
Ariola Vigne E Vini Srl |

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