Day Ten – When in Naples, eat pizza

Chris and Jess

The first thing we did this morning was to call the Roman Colosseum to see if it would be open for tours.  It would not.  So, we checked out of our Rome hotel and were on a fast train to Naples by 1120.  We just love the fast trains. At 262 km/hr, you can see a lot of country in a very short time.  When two fast trains pass each other going in opposite directions it’s always a shocker.   Wow. Your ears pop as it slams by and it’ s over in an instant.  Your ears also pop in each tunnel you pass through, and there many tunnels.
Today the sun was out and the entire countryside was covered with snow.  It was gorgeous. Olive orchards, hundred year-old abandoned buildings with roofs long caved in, herds of sheep, and hundreds of miles of dome-topped plastic greenhouses.

Upon arrival In…

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