Turkey in Whole-wheat Lasagna


I have been pondering for a while, what I should call my Turkey lasagna, and I thought I would just use this simple name. You see, ideally I would like to have called it ‘guilt free’ lasagna, but I think there is a lot of cheese in it, for it to be guilt free eating. I do definitely feel better eating this version than the full fat lasagnas. I have used Turkey, so it is the leanest meat that is available, plus the cheese is low fat. I have inserted a mushroom and cheese layer for variety. Also, I wanted everyone to know that I made it with 100% whole-wheat lasagna sheets, so you know immediately, that it should not create health problems, or make a big difference in your waist line.

This is also one of the recipes that you can tweak and add other ingredients as you prefer…

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