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.. a great day in the valley

Welcome to your reservation area.  Your booking team are experienced in shaping the day perfectly, whether it be for special dietary needs, custom destinations or shorter excursions we can make the perfect fit for you.

Check us out… Super savings across all seasons!

Cate FWT

Cate – Itinerary info and insights


Nick – bookings, vouchers and payments

Back home customer care… we respond to your request by return.

 Your Travel is safe in our protected Open World travel association

PTS FWT membership

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Classic dining and lunches.. FWT


Great that you are thinking of touring with us

We try to make things easy. Check in 24-48 hrs prior and do make sure you have paid yr Paypal deposit. Email us for details.

For any customizations or special dietary requests please email us your requirements.
 Parma’s Leading Healthy Lifestyle Tour Co

Book your classic FWT 3 Kings Parma Gourmet Food Tour today as we are booking heavily for the high season.

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