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Piacenza:   City  of  Artists


Born in Piacenza in 1897,  worked all his life as an artist, and was always a protagonist (died in 1977).

clicca per ingrandire Il nonnoOlio su tela, applicata a cartone, cm. 45×34; firmato in alto a destra.click to enlarge

Oil on canvas, applied to cardboard, cm. 45×34, signed upper right.


Former student of Francis Ghittoni to “Gazzola” (1908-1909), painter when he was already ‘finished’, as evidenced by the Friends of Art exhibition of 1922, which is measured with Mario Cavaglieri, with a scholarship he attended Brera lessons Alciati Ambrose (1923-1927).

At Bozzi Caimi Brera won the “best portrait painter.” He must be very special because it illustrates that as a student already “succeeding” and dedicated himself equally successfully to graphics, in the style of Dudovich and Cappiello.

In Milan, the center of arts of the “modern” twentieth century, a place that encouraged  art ofr arts sakes.
After a period of four or five years Richetti was affected by the ways the FTAA, especially the portrait school, where he is admired and then as Spadini Sironi, suggests he concentrate on monumental form, muted, however, made with the plain realism of anticlassical (Sironi’s monumental direct style of delivery peaks between 1945 and 1950).
His success in winning the “Prize of Cremona” (1939) brings him to the fore, with enthusiastic praise from Hugh Ojetti Nocquero and others.

In fact he had already had significant successes (he exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 1932, 1940, in 1942, and 1950) and in ’34 he won first prize in the “First exhibition Emilian regional trade union ‘with the’ Model ‘ and then was hung in the Galleria Ricci Oddi.

Richetti was to succeed as fresco painter and sculptor; impressive acheivements indeed.
In 1967 the Association of Friends of Piacenza,  celebrated seventy years of practice with the artist’s major retrospective.
Ricchetti was endowed with an instinctive ease of composing, visual communication; gift sometimes dangerous because it can distract from the search, and become too easy. In moments of grace was able to reach harmonious precious color, evidence of synthetic images.

Piacenza Ricchetti was a master of colour and form.

Bibl. G. Maroussi, Ricchetti, Piacenza 1951; F. Arisi, Luciano Ricchetti, Piacenza, Friends of 1967, Luciano Ricchetti, selected works, Piacenza, Tip.Le.Co. 1990.


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