Tours in Parma: FWT Classic City TOURS

Food Tours in Parma and more

food n art tours FWT Parma

Here we share the insights of Parma’s truly inspiring arts and cultural tours. A history dotted with the greatest music and artistry with a surprising richness so typical of Italy – why haven’t you heard of our great little gem of a city? You have now so join us and book your day.

Nick Garrett

3 Jewels of Parma ‘Concerto’ City Tours – Art, Music and Great Food!

Our fully medalled tour team will take you on a super tour of the city.

FWT Parma food tours


1:  The Parma ‘Concerto’ Tour:  The City of Love, Art and Music

Parma… famous across the world for not only it’s fine foods but also its rich musical tradition.

Parma was the birthplace of histories greats such as the composer Giuseppe Verdi and the conductor Arturo Toscanini. From capital city of a duchy, to part of the Kingdom of Savoy, and later of the Italian Republic, Parma has a long musical history which strengthened during the period of administration of Duchess Marie Louise of Austria.


Food n Cook tours FWT Parma

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