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A factory of Parmigiano-Reggiano. There are tw...

Parmigiano-Reggiano 20,000 wheels

Searching for a food tour in Bologna or Parma? Go no further!

You’ve found it!!


The Ultimate Food Tour: Parma!  Book your Tour with us

Now you can decide on a Parma Gourmet Food tour based on a really full selection of material and information.

The Cheese makers work 365 days a year making wonderfull product to see, taste and share.  The Ham makers work in shifts some days on some days off, salting, cutting, trimming. The Balsamico makers allow the nectar to mature in peace and stillness.

Above: hand salting the Prosciutto

The 3 Jewels of Parma

3 distinct and different processes.

The land and history forges their links.

These processes are magical – enter the spirit of the work and remember this first time for a lifetime.

Salting Parmesan Parma Golosa

Salting Parmesan - Parma FWT Tours

Above: showing the decal used to stamp the DOP mark of Parmigiano Reggiano

The banks of Balsamico finishing barrels aged in Oak, Chestnut and Cherry woods.

Tour Types

  1. 3 sites:  Cheese Ham and Vinegar FPA – most popular
  2. 2 sites:  of yr choice
  3. 1 site:  of yr choice

with or without a choice of lunches

  • Ham and Cheese light taste
  • light lunch with 2 wines
  • full lunch with 2-3 wines and pasta

Lunch at Parma Golosa

We can tailor all choices to your times and schedules.

See our great recommendations here on TA.

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